Ask the Dark Council
Is all magic legal? Any magic, or only some types? Do laws vary widely from region to region, or is the attitude generally similar?

"All of Magic in Yesopalitha is divided into seven grades. Grades 1-3 can be practiced by the everyday citizen without supervision or license. Grades 4 and 5 must be learned at an academy under trained instructors, and the magician must be licensed before they freely practice. Grade 6 magic is to be used in emergencies only and can only be performed by the best of the best in Yesopalitha. Grade 7 magic is strictly outlawed."

-Penguin Grandmaster Mage

"Yespoalitha is an island region; therefore, all laws pertain to each citizen equally due to not having to worry about being spread out too much. One law, one land, one nation."

-Head Councilman Heinrik Ingler

The "Dark" Council? I'm under the impression that it is named as such for the Unbidden that reside as members. Is this correct, or is there another/a different reason?

"It is known as the ‘Dark Council’ because the Council is still going through a transition period. Right now, we have seven members, with Heinrik Ingler being the only Bidden. Our end goal is to have a Council of Thirteen, with one Vampire, one Werewolf, one Goblin, one Wraith, one Orc, one Human, one Beastling, one Changeling, one Treefolk, one Elf, one Dwarf, and an Elemental Demon. That Council would be called the Grand Council of Yesopalitha, and that is the main goal. At the moment, though, mistrust between the Bidden and Unbidden of Yesopalitha are still high. I am the only Man that both Bidden and Unbidden trust, and therefore I am the Head Councilman in order to counterbalance the Unbidden Council. It is our hope that we will be able to transition smoothly into the Grand Council without much trouble."

-Head Councilman Heinrik Ingler

What does the Dark Council think of The International Union of Equality and Freedom.

"The Dark Council supports the International Union of Equality and Freedom. As Equality is the main goal of Communism, this organization does wonders to spread our cause. Also, the fact that this organization does not support racism is widely appreciated. Please let us know if you require any form of assistance."

-Councilman of Diplomatic Relations Archdemon Time

What kind of energy sources does Yesopalitha use (nuclear, oil, gas, coal, solar, etc)? If it's a mineral resource, do you need to import it from another nation? Are there concerns of being energy dependent on them?

"Yesopalitha is a primarily nuclear nation. We prefer it because nuclear power is the most environmentally friendly. We get most of our uranium and plutonium deposits from the volcanoes on the island. This makes it so that we are primarily independent concerning our energy. However, for things that use gasoline, we need to import it from our allies in Mystria. That is just a cold fact that we Yesopalithans live with."

-Councilman of Finances Junith Mokahari

What do people wear? How expensive is it? Can the material be produced locally, or must some or all of it be imported?

"Yesopalitha is a land where not many things grow. We are an island nation, with the island being created by a god. Hence, most of the materials needed for anything in our nation doesn’t come from within. Materials are imported from Crystal Spires and the Treefolk lands of Metanih. Then, our master craftsmen fashion it into clothes. All the materials are imported, and we export all the products.

Generally, clothes do not cost much, but the more fancier items can get quite pricey. Men prefer wearing jeans and a shirt, while most companies require the wearing of uniforms. Women also prefer to be wearing comfortable working clothes. Every Yesopalithan has at least one pair of dress clothes so that they can look respectable if the occasion calls for it.”

-Councilman of Finance Junith Mokahari

What is the Dark Council's relationship with non-Mystrian nations?

"The Dark Council is willing to become allies with any nation, Mystrian or not, depending on a number of factors. First, the nation must guarantee rights to any and all beings, with no exception. If a nation is against a single race, Yesopalitha will not condone it. For too long our nation has been held under the iron yoke of Racism, something that we are still trying to get rid of in Mystria itself. However, if a nation grants every member of its country equal rights, and has good relations with other Mystrian countries, that nation has the potential to become great allies of the Dark Council. Yesopalithans will always treat you with the deepest respect as long as you deserve it."

-Head Councilman Heinrik Ingler